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eCAT 4.0, the electronic lab notebook with sample management, is here!

With the launch of version 4.0 eCAT, the flexible electronic lab notebook, now includes a full sample management capability! 

Beta testers gave 4.0 a big thumbs up.  Sample management is the remaining feature they wanted to make eCAT a killer app.  PIs tell us eCAT 4.0 is saving their lab members a huge amount of time, and that it has become an essential part of the lab fabric.

In the webinar launching eCAT 4.0, Kevin Cauchi from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan said,

“One of the things about eCAT that stands out is it’s affordable, unlike 99% of the systems we looked at.  Also, it’s web based, and it’s very flexible.  Other solutions make you modify the way you work; eCAT let’s you work the way you already work, just in an electronic format. “

You can watch the launch webinar, which includes an introduction to sample management in eCAT, a panel discussion with Kevin Cauchi, Nigel Binns from the University of Edinburgh, Matt Nicotra from the University of Pittsburgh and Nick Gregory of Brady Corp, the leading supplier of labels to labs, and a Q&A with viewers, at http://www.axiope.com/electronic-lab-notebook/blog/product/?p=238.

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