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How to manage freezer samples using your iPad or iPhone

The iPad: now available for managing freezer samples!

Do you have an iPad or iPhone?  If you do you’re probably already using them in the lab — for example for  reading, and for taking notes when you’re away from your computer.  Perhaps you’ve also thought about using your iPad or iPhone to take notes about or find freezer samples. For example when you’re at the freezer and your computer is back at your workstation.  That would save having to take notes about the samples and then enter the notes again in your computer.

Well, that’s no longer a dream; it’s now eminently possible!  In fact it’s easy!  We’ve just optimized the sample management system in our eCAT electronic lab notebook for the iPad/iPhone.  Here’s how it works.

At the freezer

You’re at the freezer, and you’re going to check in some aliquots you’ve made from a new sample.  You first tap on the freezer you want,

Then select the locations in the box where you want to store the aliquots.

Then select the type of sample you want to enter from the pop up list — cell line in this case —

and the three aliquots appear in the freezer box locations you’ve selected:

While you’re at the freezer, you decide to take some notes about the aliquots you’ve just put in the freezer.  For example, you decide to add an expiry date in the record associated with the aliquots:

Back at your computer

Later, back at your computer, you find that all the information you entered in your iPad is already in eCAT!   When you were at the freezer you made a link between the aliquot record and the record of the experiment where you’ll be using the aliquots.  So, when you’re writing up the experiment you will always to able to see at a click information about the aliquots — where they are stored, what’s happened to them, etc., by just clicking on the link to the aliquot record at the bottom of the experiment record.


So there it is: with eCAT on the iPad it’s easy to manage freezer samples, and use them in your experiments. To learn more, watch this video:







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