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How to make your iPad your lab notebook

Your iPad can now be your lab notebook!

Have you ever wanted to make your iPad your lab notebook?  That’s now possible, with the free version of eCAT.  Let’s see how.

Sharing your experiments

Say you’re at the weekly lab meeting, and want to show the other  lab members the experiment you’ve been working on.  You tap on the experiment in the list of records under your dashboard . . .

and the experiment appears.

Your PI asks about about the protocol used in the experiment.  So you just tap on the link to bring up the protocol record . . .

And the protocal appears!

Taking notes

The meeting moves on to a discussion of how to operate the new microscope your lab has just acquired.  You create a new document and start taking notes.

Back at your computer

After the meeting, back at your computer, you find that your new document has been added to the list of records on your dashboard.

That’s because eCAT runs on any web browser, so you can access it, on you iPad, your iPhone or your pc or mac, anywhere, anytime.

To learn more, watch the following video



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