Why do users say managing samples with the eCAT electronic lab notebook is at least 50% quicker than using spreadsheets?


It's simple really. eCAT lets you

  • Easily create and configure containers, samples and aliquots
  • Create and edit multiple aliquots with a single click
  • Associate samples with experiments

Store sample data in any form that you want

Simple working with samples and aliquots

Intuitive drag-and-drop visual of boxes, racks, etc. More..

Bulk entry and edit

Create and update many samples and aliquots at once. More..

Configurable containers

Freezers, boxes, racks, etc. Use the built-in library or define your own. More..

Manage your data and your users

Import existing data

Your existing spreadsheet records will import into eCAT easily. More..

Link to notebook pages from the inventory system

Experiments, antibodies, DNA, or other sample sources can all be linked to directly from your inventory data. More..


Put barcodes on anything, samples, aliquots, boxes, freezers, etc and then print them out. More..

Work with colleagues using reports, links and notifications

Set up alerts

You can track the expiry date, number of vials volume and freeze thaw count. More..

Flexible reports

View and export reports by sample, box, freezer, user, etc. More..


Search on anything in the system, find out who performed any action and when, and see the complete history of your data for full compliance! More..

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.