eCAT release changelist

All the changes in each release...


  • Export improvements (images and filestore links).


  • Version 2 Inventory API.


  • Fixed various issues relating to linking RSpace and eCAT.


  • Fixed bug in Container Template creation.


  • Fixed bugs in Export in Notebook.


  • Enabled making links from RSpace to eCAT records.


  • Bugfix: Importing aliquots with specific volumes and concentrations units is supported.


  • Bugfix: Default values were not being indexed for search.
  • Bugfix: Stopwords were not being indexed for search.


  • Bugfix: Concentrations are now supported for aliquot import.


  • Performance improvement: reindexing after moving or copying records is much faster.


  • Bugfix: 3 security holes fixed


  • Sample and Container labels can now include the template name.


  • First ResearchSpace release


  • Bugfix: Exporting tables with merged cells no longer causes an error.
  • Bugfix: Linking to Inventory items from text fields and resource fields no longer breaks the record.
  • Bugfix: Uploading an image to the sample Description field now works.
  • Bugfix: Sample Description, Expiry Date and Sample Source are displayed even when Description contains images or links.
  • Bugfix: Moving aliquots from the workbench to a container selected by search fixed.


  • Bugfix: Removed drag and drop from tinyMce because users could import very large images that caused eCAT to fail.


  • Bugfix: Fixed windows installer issue.


  • Bugfix: Increased the size of sample record description field.


  • Bugfix: Fixed several exporter issues.


  • Feature: added better monitoring.
  • Bugfix: fixed inventory export bug.
  • Bugfix: fixed temporary folder creation on Unix distributions.


  • Feature: Added CSV export to inventory section.
  • Feature: Added ODT(Open Office Format) export to notebook section.
  • Feature: Added Control Panel which simplifies common administration tasks.
  • Feature: Replaced Tomcat 6 with Tomcat 7 in installer.
  • Feature: Removed Jetty 5 launcher and replaced with Tomcat 7 control panel.
  • Bugfix: Fixed spreadsheet download bug that added extra data to file downloads making certain formats unreadable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Tomcat 7 compatibility.
  • Bugfix: Fixed memory issue in OSX and Windows that prevented images from failing to render.
  • Bugfix: Fixed installer Tomcat now has the correct permissions on shell scripts.
  • Bugfix: Workbench now orders samples by name.


  • Feature: Added drag and drop
  • Feature: Enbedded MySQL database in installer for Windows and Mac.
  • Feature: eCAT can now support all file formats.


  • Feature: Added help pages for iPad support.
  • Bugfix: Firefox 6 compatibility issues
  • Bugfix: Safari Compatibility issues
  • Bugfix: Help menu appeared over blocking div
  • Bugfix: Fixed alerts on the iPad could not write any


  • Feature: Tested to work with both the iPad and iPhone.
  • Feature: Added google style quick search to search page.
  • BugFix: fixed information box style issue
  • BugFix: Fixed a few issues which related to the z-index
  • BugFix: Fixed missing resource bug which occurred on manual installs


  • Feature: Improved installers and removed old HSQLDB installers
  • Feature: Added Automatic database update to eCat, no more database scripts needed
  • Feature: Added additional concentration measurement pfu/ml
  • Feature: Added barcode field to reports
  • BugFix: Fixed Tomcat 7 compatibily issues
  • BugFix: Fixed eCat logo on iPad
  • BugFix: Firefox 5 edit sample record results in page not found
  • BugFix: Import from filestore not working
  • BugFix: Spreadsheet failing to upload


  • BugFix: IE9 compatibility update
  • BugFix: Firefox editor overlying icons
  • BugFix: Missing sample templates
  • BugFix: Removed duplicate templates in lists


  • BugFix: Advanced sharing works with disabled users.
  • Feature: Network printing.
  • Feature: Different concentration units.


  • BugFix: Fixed tree bug that prevented tree browsing for some users in some situations.
  • BugFix: Allowed more characters to be used for container names.
  • BugFix: Forced reindexing of children when a container is renamed to fix paths not being updated.
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug with importing into the notebook which resulted in the records not appearing until after a full reindex.
  • BugFix: Fixed a problem with the preview images not displaying when importing images.


  • Feature: Major new release!
  • Feature: Complete new inventory system
  • Feature: Easy image upload and insert system
  • Feature: Improved CSV import


  • BugFix: Spreadsheet importer properly handles single sheet spreadsheets
  • BugFix: Spreadsheet importer now leaves null columns as they should be
  • BugFix: Fixed messaging problem restoring and unlocking records


  • BugFix: Fixed problem creating from the dashboard with only append permission
  • BugFix: Improved text message on launcher error box


  • BugFix: Fixed spreadsheet bug that broke certain types of editing
  • BugFix: Improved upload reliability on Windows servers
  • BugFix: Fixed links to existing text no longer being possible when linking to records and files
  • BugFix: Fixed an unusual startup condition on Linux that could break thumbnailing
  • BugFix: Upgraded TinyMCE editor from 3.3.2 to 3.3.8 - helps with some deletion issues
  • BugFix: Increased memory available to trial version
  • Documentation: Fixed one more broken link on the help page


  • BugFix: Cleaned up printing view to just show data
  • BugFix: Fixed an unusual migration problem from 3.2
  • BugFix: Made error messages appear if upper case letters are used in usernames
  • BugFix: Fixed problem with long record names breaking the editor
  • BugFix: Fixed problem with old login page being bookmarked resulting in errors
  • BugFix: Fixed bug where you could browse to another page inside a record browser popup
  • BugFix: Fixed login and licensing issues with IE7
  • BugFix: Better error message added to installer dialog
  • BugFix: Cleaned up store creation on hosted services
  • Documentation: Fixed some broken links on help page


  • Feature: Completely new interface - focus on ease of use
  • Feature: New dashboard to display and search records
  • Feature: Notifications system with messages and tasks
  • Feature: Context-sensitive video and text help
  • Feature: Preloaded templates from a variety of scientific disciplines
  • Feature: Database examples provided by users
  • Feature: Vastly improved importers for Word and Excel
  • Feature: Local file importing
  • Feature: Complete preference system allowing detailed customisation of eCAT, which can all be overridden by the administrator as required.
  • Feature: Simple permissions setting, with the old full power permissions interface still available
  • Feature: Superior search across multiple classes
  • Feature: Easy creation and import of single and multiple records
  • Feature: Removed restrictions on 'create' in Projects and Experiments
  • Feature: Added easy display of creator and last modified times and users
  • Feature: Print view improvements
  • Feature: Automatic licensing system
  • Feature: Installer
  • BugFix: Improved class editing controls on IE
  • BugFix: eCAT now cleanly shuts down on Tomcat
  • BugFix: Some importers incorrectly displayed full file URLs
  • BugFix: Links now insert data into the cursor position in IE instead of the start of the text editor


  • Feature: Added a task manager to eCAT and a menu entry - My Tasks
  • Feature: Added links to a new help video to the application and help pages
  • Feature: Cleaned up the editor and removed useless buttons
  • Documentation: Added help page for task manager


  • Feature: Added a strict.thumbnails property which stops the system displaying old version thumbnails if the source file has been deleted.
  • BugFix: Fixed 3.2.0 problem with eCAT running out of database connections
  • BugFix: Fixed custom home menu not appearing on a few pages
  • BugFix: Fixed bug with external (http URL) images no longer working
  • Documentation: Added help page for Menu and Default Records option


  • Feature: Added a custom menu system to setup the main menu and home page with custom classes
  • Feature: Improved search to display record tables for more than one class
  • Feature: Thumbnails are now stored in the database and the thumbnail is part of the record so that when a record version is saved all the data in that version can never be changed and the data is accurate at the moment of save
  • Feature: Creating a single record now takes you directly to the editing page
  • Feature: Users can now be disabled to prevent them logging in and to free up a license space
  • Feature: Mousing over a field name when editing shows the tooltip for that field
  • Feature: Linking to a URL (http or www) is now possible in fields of type string
  • BugFix: Permission on the trees used to moved are now always correct for admins
  • BugFix: Restoring a record now restores its correct version
  • BugFix: User edit form validation problems no longer cause password corruption
  • BugFix: Complex indexing tasks are now protected to guard against index errors
  • BugFix: Class editing controls are no longer flaky on Internet Explorer
  • BugFix: Delete can no longer cause problems with the search index
  • BugFix: Export now always exports all records in the list, not just the current viewable set
  • BugFix: Add class is now a logged audit event
  • BugFix: Signing history now displayed for all signable classes
  • BugFix: HTML attachments now work and not wrapped with the eCAT header
  • BugFix: The help page no longer errors if the user is not logged in and another user has a record locked
  • BugFix: Add children no longer clears all data if there is an error on submit
  • BugFix: Filesystem trees are more efficient
  • BugFix: Filesystem trees now display the store name, not the folder name, at the root
  • BugFix: Several broken help page links are now fixed


  • BugFix: Rendering error in IE7 on admin page
  • BugFix: Stronger validation on user and attachment store names
  • BugFix: References are now exported as names instead of OIDs
  • BugFix: Deleted records display a better error message if a user tries to view them
  • BugFix: Stack traces are no longer shown for unknown errors


  • BugFix: Stores generated from user names on team hosted servers were not working
  • BugFix: Rendering error in IE7 on audit page


  • Initial Release

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.