How does the eCAT electronic lab notebook help your lab become more productive?


It's simple really

  • eCAT lets you create and import research data
  • eCAT allows controlled sharing of data between lab members
  • eCAT lets lab members communicate using messages and tasks

And eCAT allows lab members to work from home or when travelling, in a secure, integrated collaborative environment.

Create Records and Import Documents, Spreadsheets and Images

Create Records

You can create data in the exact form that is most useful to your lab. More..

Import Office documents

You can import your data from Microsoft Office and get it straight into eCAT, then edit it when its there. More..

Import images

You can import a variety of scientific image formats like LSM, Metamorph and Biorad as well as the standard image formats like TIFF and JPEG. More..

Share data with colleagues, or keep your data private

Share with others

You can share your data with other users of eCAT, controlling who can view and collaborate with you. More..

Private records

eCAT gives you your own space to work in privately where you can create any data you want. More..

A system for the entire group

eCAT provides a common system and structure to get the entire group working together. More..

Work with colleagues using messages and notifications

Send messages

eCAT's messaging system lets you communicate with colleagues about the work you are doing without ever leaving eCAT. More..

Notifications for shared projects

You can send individual or group tasks and messages to users you are working with. More..

Get organized!

You can set up a simple reminder system for yourself using the notifications system. More..

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.