ResearchSpace Team

Rory Macneil

Rory Macneil Rory Macneil, CEO, is an entrepreneur whose earlier career - Harvard-trained lawyer, founder of a successful China-based investment consultancy and partner in a global law firm - is not the profile you might expect for ResearchSpace's CEO. Nevertheless the dedication to customer service which was fundamental to his earlier experience remains central to ResearchSpace's ethos. And Rory has learned a fair bit about biomedical research needs and online offerings in the seven years since Nigel's partner Johanna Moore, a professor at Edinburgh University's School of Informatics, introduced him to Nigel and suggested that he get involved with what was to become ResearchSpace. Indeed he is learning more all the time! Rory is a director of two other software companies. His outside interests include tennis, soccer and Scottish history.

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Nigel Goddard

Nigel Goddard Nigel Goddard, Founder and Director of Business and Product Development at ResearchSpace, wears two hats. At ResearchSpace, Nigel's extensive engagement with users and resulting understanding of their needs has proved instrumental in driving the transition to ResearchSpace's web-based approach whose first manifestation is eCAT. He is also Reader at the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation at Edinburgh University's School of Informatics, where his current research focuses on computational methods and models for global change research. In his spare time Nigel enjoys mountain climbing and yoga.

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Richard Adams

Richard Adams Richard Adams is Lead Developer at ResearchSpace. He originally studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate, and continued to a PhD in cell biology, studying the molecular mechanisms of mitosis. During his postdoc he became interested in programming as means to run custom bioinformatic analyses, and has subsequently gained 10 years experience programming in Perl and Java, working on a variety of projects including disease gene prediction, systems biology standards, and a graphical editor for drawing biological pathways. Most recently he was Software Development Team Leader at the University of Edinburgh, responsible for implementating an ambitious software project, SBSI ( ) in systems biology. This application provides access to high performance computing for compute intensive data modelling via a biologist friendly user interface. He's keen to combine his laboratory and programming experience in the development of the eCAT lab notebook. When not programming, he enjoys family life, cycling around East Lothian, and attempting to play the piano.

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Dr. Guang Yang (Sunny)

Guang Yang Dr. Guang Yang (Sunny) is Senior Developer at Researchspace using Java, HTML/XML, Spring/hibernate, maven, Jquery/Ajax technologies. The development also involves security (shibboleth) and database (MySql) design and integration. Before joining ResarchSpace, he worked as a developer in various corporate and academic posts in China and the UK, most recently for 13 years in the Management Information Systems group at the University of Glasgow on Computer Graphics(Fractal, OpenGL), business intelligence(bayesian networks), and elliptic curve cryptography, using different programming languages: C/C++ and Objective-C, in addition to Java enterprise programming. His outside interests include badminton, countryside walking, history and wildlife TV programmes.

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Néstor Baños Rueda

Nestor Banos Néstor Baños Rueda is a Software Developer at ResearchSpace. Néstor worked as a developer in the Spanish public sector for more than 3 years, and decided to expand his job perspectives by coming to the UK in August 2010. His experience in both countries has enabled him to become expert in Java Web applications. Also, he has a strong interest in IOS and Android development. He loves videogames, travelling and culinary tourism.

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eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.