Configurable containers

Just as there are many types of sample, there are also many types of freezer boxes and sample trays. eCAT comes pre-loaded with all of the standard types, out of the box and lets you build your own! It is truly configurable.

In the eCAT inventory system if something is not a sample, we call it a container. You can create any kind of container - a freezer, a fridge, a rack, a sample tray or anything else your inventory needs. The image below shows the easy creation of a freezer box - just specify the dimensions and what slots in the tray can be used!

  • Create your own freezer box with any layout or configuration.
  • Create any number of containers - put shelves inside freezers, racks on shelves, freezer boxes in racks - whatever your real life inventory needs are you can mirror your setup in eCAT.
  • Even if it's not a freezer box, you can model your sample container inside eCAT. Simply take a photo of the real life container and then mark on the photo where the samples go. You can then drag and drop the sample to it as with any other sample container or freezer box.
  • Browse samples at the container level - when viewing a box, freezer, rack or any other container you can always see all of the samples in it with one click.

Working with containers in eCAT is dead simple - you can build whatever you want very quickly and easily! No other software goes as far in accurately modelling your inventory environment, however it is setup and however it looks!

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.