Barcoding and labeling

eCAT supports labeling and barcoding for any kind of sample or container.

  • Computer-generated labels are easier to read
  • Barcodes identify each container, sample or aliquot uniquely
  • Create your own label design using industry-standard software
  • Customize labels with any text or aliquot field
  • Full support for a variety of linear and 2D barcodes
  • Enter your own barcodes or let eCAT generate unique codes for you
  • Full support for the most popular printers from Brady and Zebra

Organising your inventory is much easier with barcodes and eCAT fully supports the scanning and printing of cryogenic-safe barcode labels. Everything in eCAT's inventory system has a barcode field, so you can add barcodes to freezers, boxes or samples. We support most of the industry standard barcode scanners, so eCAT makes it straightforward to scan in your existing barcodes.

For full details of recommended scanners, printers and labels, visit our labeling blog.

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