The eCAT electronic lab notebook editions

eCAT comes in different editions to suit your circumstances


With the install version, eCAT is installed on your server, behind your institutional firewall. You also have complete control over configuration, and your administrator can make file stores in your system available to eCAT so it's easy to get started with your files straight away.

Team Hosted

Team Hosted allows you to sign up and begin using eCAT immediately. We setup your entire system and host it on our servers. You have full control over the administrative functions of eCAT while not having to worry about any IT issues.


eCAT Personal is a free service hosted by ResearchSpace that enables individuals to take advantage of eCAT's notebook and sample management capabilities. eCAT Personal is exactly the same as the Team Hosted version of eCAT, except that it does not support sharing of data between accounts. All data entered into an eCAT Personal account is private, and accessible only by the account holder.


  Team Hosted Install Version Personal
Sign up and begin using immediately tick   tick
No IT infrastructure necessary tick   tick
Install behind your firewall on your hardware   tick  
Complete control over configuration   tick  
Complete sample management tick tick tick


Everything you need to manage your eCAT site is available through eCAT itself: no need to mess with configuration files or scripts.

  Team Hosted Install Version Personal
Edit users & groups tick tick  
Backup tick   tick
eCAT administrator access tick tick  

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.