The eCAT Administrators course covers the tasks and best practices that every eCAT administrator encounters, from installation to daily maintenance, security and future upgrades.


  • Overview of basic concepts
  • User management
  • Groups and permissions
  • Security model
  • General administration
  • Backups and upgrading eCAT
  • Attachment Store configuration
  • Indexing
  • Audit


The eCAT Administrators course is delivered as a 2 hour interactive online seminar with a teleconference facility. All sessions are led by one of the core members of the ResearchSpace team who were involved in eCAT's development and are intimately familiar with its features and capabilities.

Individual level sessions will be delivered according to the online schedule. Organization sessions follow a flexible schedule, and may be delivered on a date that is convenient for you. Once we receive payment for your training session, we will contact you to arrange a timeslot for your session.

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eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.