How does the eCAT electronic lab notebook help your lab get organized?


Its simple really

  • eCAT lets you put structure in your research data
  • eCAT lets you organize your data in the way that suits your lab and your research
  • eCAT provides support for patentable research

eCAT lets you structure your data with its record tree and gives you the power to create records with the structure you want

The record tree

The record tree provides an automatic folder structure for your records in a way familiar to all Windows, Linux and Mac users. More..

Records with structure

Wikis just have one kind of record - the wiki page. eCAT lets you create records with structure, with fields of varying types. eCAT's templates demonstrate this. You can also create your own templates! More..

Linking between records

You can link between records in eCAT, allowing you to create a permanent relationship that helps you - and others - find or remember information or themes that are relevant to your research. More..

Make use of eCAT's structuring capabilities to organize and archive your research data and other lab information


eCAT users just can't believe how flexible it is. eCAT lets you organize your research data and other lab information the way you want to. More..


With eCAT you can archive data in a way that makes it easy for others to find, so when people leave the lab their data does not get lost, and when people join the lab they come up to speed quickly. More..


The structure you get with eCAT also makes it far easier to find pieces of information, even long after the person who entered the data is no longer around. More..

Prepare for patent filings with an automatic audit trail and signing/authorizing of records

Audit trail

eCAT keeps an automatic audit trail of every action that happens, so you have a full record of who did what and when. More..


Records in eCAT can be signed, and after they have been signed they cannot be edited. But they can be amended. So you get the support you need for patent filings and the flexibility to keep working on projects. More..


eCAT provides a second level of sign off, so after a record has been signed it can be authorized. More..

eCAT is a flexible, easy to use electronic lab notebook that lets you add structure to your lab's research data in an integrated collaborative online environment.